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Vipec Evo 90mm Brake


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Heavily revised Vipec...

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90mm Brake

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Vipec Evo 90mm Brake

This season sees significant improvements to the Fritschi Vipec (now called Vipec Evo, they've ditched the Diamir bit of their name as well). The binding still retains all the safety features (lateral front release with DIN setting and 13mm elasticity) but finally getting the damn thing on your boot is something that you neither need to think or worry or swear about. Combining the best of both worlds (low weight, DIN adjustability) in a tech binding means these could be the go-to touring set-up. Or they would be if it wasna?Tt for another Fritschi product....

DIN 5-12
Weight 1000g complete binding w/o brake