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BCX Auto


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This is the auto BC binding from Rottefella.

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BCX Auto

This is the auto BC binding from Rottefella, (although these ones have Fischer stickers) it's only compatible with Backcountry boots that have (not surprisingly) the Rottefella sole unit. The auto isn't quite as wide the Magnum but at 56.5mm it works very well with skis like Fischer's E99 and the Salomon XADV 69. You'll be amazed at the control if you're used to XC/track gear. A little lighter than the Magnum version these allow fast efficient travel and a surprising amount of downhill control. The auto nature means that you don't need to bend over or kneel down to get into the binding either, just prod them with your ski pole. The (lack of) weight, more instant comfort (and availability) of BC boots has seen many people move away from the traditional leather/3-pin set up to this modern Back Country style.