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S-Bound 112


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The widest ski we've ever sold that has a fish-scale base.

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S-Bound 112

This is the widest ski we've ever sold that has a fish-scale base. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the "Rocker Technology", simply when you weight the ski rather than the tip and tail pressing into the snow they do the opposite. This has the effect of making the ski shorter, which does a number of things, it makes turning easier (cause you have a shorter turning edge) it increases flotation (never a bad thing) and also improves stability. Clearly a ski 112mm at the tip and 78mm underfoot is going to be pretty amazing in softer conditions but it'll also be good in less fun conditions such as breakable crust and wind slab. On flat-ish ground a companion on traditional skis with skins won't see which way you went. The skis have a full metal edge and use Fischer's well proven sandwich cap construction, making them light and durable. Happy with a BC binding (and robust boot such as Fischer BCX 875) or a 75mm telemark binding and plastic boot like the Excursion or T4. For people who have used Nordic skis around 60mm underfoot for years skis like this and the narrower 98 will amaze them with their turning ability, stability and fun. If you've found the limitations of traditional Nordic gear in steeper terrain and don't want the weight of AT or traditional Telemark these skis look amazing.

112-78-95 2690g