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E109 Easy Skin


(inc VAT where applicable)

E109 with the Easy Skin attachment.

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E109 Easy Skin

Fischer have ceased production of the Tour and Crown versions of the 109 and replaced both with this, the Easyskin version. They have a waxing base (Crowns gone, remember) and compared to the older versions the weight difference is zero and the dimensions are exactly the same. You can continue to use a full length skin when it's required but in situations where glide is more important than grip this new Easy Skin excels. You'll have more grip from the Easyskin than the crown version would give and the ski will descend like a (because it is) waxing ski, so less noise and easier to turn. Win win, as they say.

Note, ours don't come with a binding.

82-60-70 2050g
Easy Skin
Air Tec Core, Full steel edge, Sintec base


<49kg 170
50-54kg 170
55-59kg 170-180
60-64kg 180-190
65-69kg 180-190
70-74kg 190-200
75-79kg 190-200
80-84kg 200-205
85-89kg 200-205
>90kg 205