Our Braemar store originally opened in 1986 hiring out cross-country skis and now offers everything from summer walking product and outerwear to alpine & nordic ski touring equipment.

We now have three stores which are located in BraemarBallater and Aviemore, either side of the Cairngorm National Park.  

The Team is made up of Outdoor & Industry Professionals with a passion for alpine and nordic touring, climbing and cycling and a general love of the outdoors.

We are a real bricks and mortar store with over 40 years experience and a wealth of product knowledge. 

5 Invercauld Road Braemar AB35 5YP


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Wayfayrer Chocolate Pudding http://www.braemarmountainsports.com//images/chocolate-pudding(2).jpg

A light and fluffy chocolate sponge covered in a tasty chocolate sauce.

Wayfayrer Vegetable Curry and Rice http://www.braemarmountainsports.com//images/vegetable-curry-rice.jpg

Mixed Vegetables & Pulses in a Medium Spiced Curry Sauce together with Long Grain Rice.

Wayfayrer Chilli Con Carne and Rice http://www.braemarmountainsports.com//images/chilli-con-carne-rice(2).jpg

Minced beef with tomatoes, red kidney beans, onion and peppers in a cayenne & cumin sauce together with long grain rice.

Wayfayrer Pasta and Bolognese http://www.braemarmountainsports.com//images/pasta-bolognese(2).jpg

Conchiglie Pasta and Minced Beef in a rich Tomato Bolognaise sauce infused with Garlic, Basil & Oregano.

Wayfayrer Beans and Sausage http://www.braemarmountainsports.com//images/beans-sausage(2).jpg

Beans in a rich tomato sauce with succulent pork sausages. 

Wayfayrer Meatballs and Pasta http://www.braemarmountainsports.com//images/pasta-meatballs.jpg

Beef Meatballs in an Italian style Tomato Sauce with Conchiglie Pasta.

Wayfayrer Sticky Toffee Pudding http://www.braemarmountainsports.com//images/sticky-toffee-pudding.jpg

A delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding in a rich creamy Toffee Sauce.

Wayfayrer Vegetable Chilli and Rice http://www.braemarmountainsports.com//images/vegetable-chilli.jpg

Mixed Vegetables in a Chilli Sauce with Wholegrain Brown Rice.

Wayfayrer All Day Breakfast http://www.braemarmountainsports.com//images/all-day-breakfast.jpg

Beans in a rich tomato sauce with succulent pork sausages, diced smoky bacon and omelette. 

Wayfayrer Chicken Tikka and Rice http://www.braemarmountainsports.com//images/chicken-tikka-rice(2).jpg

Chicken pieces in a rich tomato & coriander sauce together with long grain rice.

Wayfayrer Spoon http://www.braemarmountainsports.com//images/wayfayrer-long-handled-spoon-22cm.jpg

The Vango Wayfayrer Long Handled Spoon allows you to get right to the bottom of your Wayfayrer packet without getting your hands dirty or burnt. This means you can eat your dinner straight out the packet, saving on washing up!

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