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Swedish Heritage is an important part of Holebrook. They are still a family run business, very dedicated to their work and their products. To Holebrook, knitting is a craftmanship. Whilst their garments may be knitted by machine in a factory, for the result to become a sweater, cardigan or dress, you need a great deal of knowledge. Through the years, Holebrook have become experts when it comes to knitting and are always developing new designs and different techniques.

Holebrook place the utmost importance on maintaining a sustainable approach to their brand.
-Slow Fashion: Holebrook create garments that are made to last in design and quality. Wear them over many seasons or even decades! Slow fashion is an attitude to fashion where thought and awareness is in focus.
-Sustainable Materials: Holebrook create garments made of natural fibres like merino wool and alpaca wool. This means that their garments have a long life span and you don't need to wash them often.
-Responsible Manufacturing: All of Holebrook's garments are knitted and manufactured in Europe by suppliers who strive for sustainability. For example, certified factories using energy from solar power systems and who have excellent working conditions.

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